Laissez-moi vos coordonnées et je vous recontacte au plus vite.

    Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught in camera is captured forever.

    Month Before Wedding

    We’ll have a meeting to discuss all the details about your wedding, your dreams and wishes. I’ll send you out a brief questionnaire about your wedding venue, guests and schedule. All this information is of utmost importance to me, so that everything goes smoothly on your D-day.

    Week Before Wedding

    We will confirm everything we discussed about a month ago, as I need to make sure that there are no significant changes. We will confirm the time and place where we will meet on your wedding day.

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    The Wedding Day

    This day has come and your only task is to enjoy it fully. No worries, you’ll get awesome pictures afterwards. I will follow you during the day and make sure that all of the special moments are captured. The only suggestion here is not to worry and not to pay attention to me. Just enjoy your day.

    Image Delivery

    After the wedding day, I will work on delivering the photographs. Approximately 1-2 months later, I will send the link to your proofing gallery. You’ll be able to select pictures for your personal online gallery and download all of the images taken on your wedding day. Additionally, depending on your needs, this proofing will also allow me to create a beautiful and unique photobook.

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    Family Photographs Checklist

    Here you can find the list of family photo combinations to keep in mind for the family portraits. All combinations assume pictures with two families.

    • Couple with parents
    • Couple with parents & siblings
    • Couple with parents, siblings + grandparents
    • Couple with immediate + extended families
    • Couple with mother
    • Couple with father
    • Couple with siblings
    • Couple with grandparents
    • First Client/Second Client with mother
    • First Client/Second Client with father
    • First Client/Second Client with siblings
    • First Client/Second Client with grandparents

    If it Rains

    This situation can be handled in different ways and the rain will not ruin your wedding day. You’ll definitely have great pictures from your special day. In case of an open air ceremony, providing umbrellas to your guests will be much appreciated. These can even become a precious gift!

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    Additional Tips & Ideas

    A color palette for dress code is always appreciated. As such, weddings usually look much better on pictures.

    Also, you can consider of having a phone-free wedding. Allow me to take all of the pictures. Remember, just relax and enjoy every moment of the day.

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      Photo Book & Prints

      If you wish to have prints and/or an album, I will gladly take care of it. These are creative aspects of my work that I love helping my clients with. Together, we will create a unique photobook that is true to your personalities.

      We will of course discuss this topic during our meetings.

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